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New Horizons Rehabilitation Centre

Programmes and activities held on an annual basis
  • Easter Programme
  • Summer Programme
  • Christmas Programme
  • ART

The programmes mentioned above are held annually at the centre or sometimes off the centre depending on what activity it is. The programme is filled with a wide range of activities. These activities comprises of both education and vocational. Examples of such activities are: mechanics, hydroponic, hair and beauty, drumming sessions, jewelry making and also table etiquette. The programmes would rotate from time to time based on the facilitators’ availability. The residents would enjoy majority of the activities and would request for them to be done again for the next time school is out.

Link between PCPS and New Horizons

The primary role of the PCPS is to deter the youth who has broken the law from possible life of crime by assessing their environment and family structure and providing a supportive and holistic service plan. PCPS is to prepare a Social Inquiry Report on each child facing the Court. The report will assist the court to decide on the nature of the sentence to be applied.

  • Through its administration of the Probation & Child Welfare Board Act 2002 the Department of Child Protection and Probation Service working collaboratively with New Horizons Rehabilitation Centre, have a major responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the well-being of children and to provide for the protection and care of children in circumstances where their parents have not given, or are unlikely or unable to give, that protective care.
  • The Probation Department serves as a non-judicial, early intervention program that strives to assist youths in becoming productive law abiding citizens; in an effort to prevent their further penetration into the judicial system. The Department also targets at-risk youth, ages 10-17 that has not been charged or may have been charged with a status, serious, or aggravated offense. Subsequently, for those who have been charged, the New Horizon Rehabilitation Center serves as a rehabilitative/reintegration programme that provides a holistic, clinical and therapeutic case management framework to offer a second chance to youth offenders.
how children are admitted

The centre will ensure that admission processes are in place so that children are legally admitted and their safety, good health and development are maintained while they are in the care of the centre.

When a new child is brought to the Centre by the police, through the court, or the Child Justice Committee, the following procedures will take place:

  • The child to Case Managers office for initial intake, overview or rules and expectations while at the facility
  • Before is accepted from the transporting officer the child is observed for any signs injuries or bruises. Staff will report and document any such injuries
  • Child is then taken to the Assessment center, where he/she is assigned a unit
  • Security Officer must remain in a position where they can be views by the camera for security purposes.
  • Inspect the shower and unit for any contraband, prior to letting the child use it.
  • Instruct the child to enter the unit. maintain visual contact with him/her at all times
  • Issue the child her/his bedding and uniforms
  • Instruct the child to remove his/her clothes immediately
  • Search the entire child’s clothing thoroughly. Place the clothing in the designated bag
  • Check the shower area and the changing area when the child is finished showering to ensure no contraband has been dropped or hidden

The policy guidelines for the Rehabilitation Centre are focused on the five functional areas outlined in the structure of the organization. The five functions are as follows: administrative services, safety and security services, education and training programmes, diagnostic and health services, treatment and re-integration services.

  • Rehabilitation and re-integration: rehabilitation is the raison d’être of the Centre and successful reintegration the expected outcome; hence all interventions and interactions will be organized and structured to facilitate this process.
  • Administrative services: the administrative services provided by the Centre will meet the personal needs of the residents, and staff alike, in an efficient and professional manner. The plant and the facilities therein will fulfill the requirements of and operate at a level that is consistent with international standard.
  • Safety and Security: the safety and security of the residents, staff and visitors will be a priority. A well-trained and aware staff will be in place to provide a safe and secure environment. Safety and security practices will be consistent with the principles of rehabilitation and the rights and dignity of the child will be consistently upheld.
  • Education and training: the opportunity for each child to continue his/her education and training is a primary requirement for rehabilitation. The child will be prepared to pursue his/her education after the period rehabilitation and or gain adequate skills training for the job market.
  • Health and Psycho-Social Services: the health of the child is a basic responsibility of the Centre. The emphasis will be on the whole child; therefore, timely health screening is compulsory and prompt medical care and treatment will be made available immediately when required.
parent outreach
  • Parenting workshops
  • Identifying and addressing social issues
  • Rebuilding bonds between family and children
  • Family counselling

Contact Listing

Name: Adele Williams
Designation: Director
Assignment: The director role is defined within the statutory rules for the centre and the director is responsible for implementing these rules through the application of a range of policies and procedures which set out how the centre will be run. The director is responsible for the efficient running of the centre consistent with the safety and well-being of children, staff and other people visiting or working there

Name: Mr. Shirman White
Designation: Asst. Deputy Director – Security

Name: Melissa Phillip
Designation: Junior Clerk
Assignment: The Junior Clerk is responsible to give administrative support to the management team as required including copying, printing, drafting documents , letters and reports so that the centre could effectively and efficiently.

Assignment: The case workers are responsible for the planning, coordination and delivery of all services to meet the needs of a child. They do this through their line management of the House Parents. They have specific responsibility for the intake process and the initial risk assessment.

Name: Shaneze Sam
Designation: Case Worker

Name: Michelle Stanley
Designation: Case Worker

Name: Sharaine Williams
Designation: Case Worker

Assignment: The bus driver is responsible for ensuring that both children and staff are transported safely whenever they are outside of the centre.

Name: Alpha Pennyfeather
Designation: Bus Driver

Name: Mahon Liburd
Designation: Bus Driver

Assignment: The gate guard is responsible for monitoring the environment around the centre and all people, vehicles and goods entering and leaving the centre. The post requires shift work including night and weekend working.

Name: Roosevelt Leader
Designation: Gate Guard

Name: Syrus Richardson
Designation: Gate Guard

Name: Roosevelt Wattley
Designation: Gate Guard

Assignment: The House Parent provides the day to day care and oversight for the children in an assigned dormitory or assessment unit.

Name: Zerelda French
Designation: House Parent

Name: Candace Burt
Designation: House Parent

Name: Curtley Browne
Designation: House Parent

Name: Sonia Tyson
Designation: House Parent


Assignment : The Security & Support Officer provides support to the House Parent in the day to day management of children and carrying out day to day functions in their appointed dormitory or assessment unit ensuring the physical, emotional and social needs of the children are met.

Name: Kishma Lewis
Designation: Security & Support Officer

Name: Marcelyn Daniel
Designation: Security & Support Officer

Name: Janan Stapleton
Designation: Security & Support Officer

Name: Idona Walwyn Matthew
Designation: Security & Support Officer

Name: Pauline Ward
Designation: Security & Support Officer

Name: Sheldar Fyfield
Designation: Security & Support Officer

Name: Craig Jules
Designation: Security & Support Officer

Assignment: The housekeeper is responsible for overseeing the cleanliness of the centre, the laundry facilities, and the uniform stock.

Name: Patricia Huggins
Position: Housekeeping Supervisor

Name: Doreen Rouse
Position: Housekeeping

Name: Vanessa Nolan
Designation: Kitchen Assistant
Assignment: The kitchen assistant undertakes the tasks of meal preps and washing up of all items used in the kitchen to prepare meals in and also the tidying up.

Assignment: The Cook is responsible for providing catering services for the children.

Name: Celeste Ham
Position: Cook

Name: Jenelle Henry
Position: Cook